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Professional Residential Pressure Washing


The term pressure washing can be a bit of a misnomer and often incites myths and confusion about what the service actually entails. Pressure washing St. Augustine and Jacksonville for 8 years, we've found potential clients often associate 'pressure washing' with a stigma linking to wearing out paint, blown windows seals, destroyed delicate landscaping, and/or other possible damage. Whether this association derives from a bad experience with a previous contractor or from experiences with using a pressure washer themselves, it’s one I’ll often address with the customer to educate them on the process. It’s also at this point where I introduce the customer to a term called soft-washing.


Soft-washing incorporates special low-pressure nozzles on the end of a gun/wand of a pressure washing unit, along with a biodegradable chemical that removes the biologicals (mold, algae, pollen, dirt, moss) and other stains without damage to surfaces on your home. Not only does this method clean the surfaces safely and thoroughly, it maintains paint and masonry longer. The only time full pressure (4000 psi) should be used is on concrete by a surface cleaner that defuses pressure through two nozzles.


Both pressure washing and soft-washing are executed with a commercial pressure washing machine, and should be used on all jobs to properly distribute and dilute chemical during pre-rinse while applying the proper volume/pressure ratio to the appropriate surfaces. This is usually where the two terms (pressure/soft-washing) are usually confused. In short, both pressure washing and soft-washing are used on your home, by a pressure washer. A professional should always know exactly what combination and extensions to use to achieve the proper pressure/volume/ and chemical mixture to clean all surfaces thoroughly, effectively and safely. Get this service now!


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